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test4allergies has no control over the content of these web sites and therefore does not endorse nor recommend their contents. In particular, many of the sites do not offer treatments for allergies, but rather recommend avoiding contact with allergens. Or they may recommend taking pharmaceuticals which suppress the symptoms of allergies, but do not necessarily deal with the root problem which is the immune system's inappropriate reaction to allergens. They are included here for information only.

There is a useful feature on food allergies and allergens on this American web site. It includes some quite detailed information on food labelling and specific food ingredients. www.foodallergy.org/

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America also gives a lot of useful background information on many different types of allergy. See http://www.aafa.org/

The same web site has a useful feature on Asthma, containing alot of useful information . See: www.aafa.org/asthma They note that 60 million people in America have allergies or asthma.

Action Against Allergy is a UK based national charity providing information, advice and support to all sufferers of allergy-related illness and those who care for them. It offers contact details of your nearest allergy specialists, clinics or dietitians. Membership gives access to a talk-line network and free magazine. Call 020 8892 4949 or visit (Site currently suspended)

Another comprehensive web site covering allergies is Allergy UK - a charity set up to help UK sufferers. The web site carries a lot of advertising for pharmaceuticals. www.allergyfoundation.com/

Treating allergies with Health Kinesiology.
There is a complete list of Health Kinesiology therapists on the HK UK web site, set out in regions, to help you find a local therapist.

The web site also contains a more detailed explanation of kinesiology itself as well as many case histories taken from therapists' case records. Included among them are examples of treatment of allergies, asthma, hay fever, migraine and eczema. See the H K web site. www.hk4health.co.uk/find-a-practitioner/

The Asthma UK web site is also well worth a visit: www.asthma.org.uk/ The charity supports research into asthma. Similarly, the Allergy Relief Guide web site www.allergy-relief-guide.info/ which contains articles on allergies, symptoms, treatment and medication.

Foods Matter www.foodsmatter.com In depth support for anyone suffering from inhaled, contact or food allergy/intolerance - or for anyone living on a restricted diet. Big site, useful information on diet, allergies, autism etc

Migraine is explained clearly on the UK web site of Migraine Action Association - a charity set up to help migraine sufferers. See www.migraine.org.uk/

For more information on hay fever, try the AAIR UK web site. It contains a lot of useful information: www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~aair/hayfever.htm Note that this site has not been updated for many years, but is included because of its useful contents.

www.hayfeverexpert.co.uk/ provides a range of information about Hayfever including causes, diagnosis and treatment. Well worth a visit.

www.reclaimyourskin.co.uk/ is a useful site covering acne and other skin problems.

There is a very readable Newsletter available free on Jane Thurnell-Read's web site: www.lifeworkpotential.com/ The site covers a range of healthcare topics and is well worth a visit. It is aimed primarily at therapists. You might also try Jane's other web site designed for the public: www.healthandgoodness.com/

Therapy Directory is dedicated to putting individuals who are searching for a practitioner, in touch with a professional who is both qualified and suitable for their needs. www.therapy-directory.org.uk