The symptoms are unmistakable: The nose starts to run with a copious, watery discharge, the eyes may be red and very itchy, the nose also itches, and there may be a cough morning and night resulting from postnasal drip.
Some people get all the symptoms, full-on, throughout the whole season; others suffer in some months but not others. Some people only get a very low level of symptoms which doesn't bother them too much.

Hay fever may also be known as allergic rhinitis is an allergy to pollen. Anyone who suffers from hay fever knows exactly when the first pollen starts drifting from the trees or grasses by the symptoms they begin to suffer! Tree pollen starts in March or April, grass pollen in May or June, and from June onwards different flowers release their pollen at different times. There seem to be many more hay fever sufferers than there used to be, possibly due to unusual crops like oil seed rape which never used to be planted, and possibly due to the vast variety of pesticides which can coat the pollen, or the fact that the pollen itself may come from genetically modified plants.

Antihistamine supresses the symptoms, but doesn't cure the allergy

Doctors usually prescribe anti-histamine tablets to be taken during pollen season, or sometimes anti-histamine injections are given.

Anti-histamines suppress the over-reactions of the immune system when it releases histamine into the nose area as soon as pollen enters. The drugs have certain side-effects such as sleepiness, and certainly taking any drug for a long period of time is not really recommended, as it just gives the body one more substance to detoxify from.

Health Kinesiology has an excellent record of treating hay fever. The energy techniques available to practitioners (see page on Forms of treatment ) are able to calm down the body's reactions to the pollen, remove the allergic reactions and thus remove the cause of the hay fever.

Hay fever causes so much misery every summer, and yet it is one of the easiest allergies to treat using Health Kinesiology.