What is an allergy, what causes allergies, how can I treat allergic reactions, is there a cure for allergies?


In the media, we often see reports that more adults and children than ever are suffering from allergies, and yet there is often confusion over what exactly an allergy is, what causes it and how it can be helped.

What is an allergy?

Another word for allergy is 'hypersensitivity'. The word allergy is derived from two Greek words that mean 'other work' or 'other action' - i.e. substances that bring about a reaction other than that usually expected. That is, an allergy is an over-reaction by the body's immune system.

Most of us know that allergic reactions can cause anaphylactic shock (breathing problems and collapse), and lots of people have an allergy to pollens which we call hay fever, but how many of us would attribute minor discomforts such as stomach bloating, headaches, dry eyes, acid indigestion or dry skin to an allergy? In fact, you could have a mild allergy or an intolerance to something you eat or have contact with every day without knowing it!

The word ‘intolerance’ is commonly used by people as if it is interchangeable with the word ‘allergy’, but are they one and the same thing, or are there subtle differences between the two?
The aim of this website is to try and de-mystify the whole subject of allergy, and to offer you a simple and safe solution to the majority of allergy and intolerance problems.

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